Tolco Mighty Sponge Stain Remover

Tolco Mighty Sponge Stain Remover
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Product Description

Mighty Sponge is a chemical-free stain remover. Quickly and easily removes stains from many surfaces using only water. Internal blue support material prolongs life and allows complete usage of stain removing white sponge. Effective on hard, smooth, or lightly textured surfaces. Removes crayon, permanent marker, ball point ink, scuff marks, soap scum, coffee, tar, graffiti, lipstick, wine stains and much more. Use on floors, baseboards, doors, walls, wallpaper, tile, bath tubs, showers, counter tops, wood, dry erase boards, plastic vinyl, leather, outdoor furniture, office equipment, car interiors and exteriors. Cleans copper, brass and stainless steel. Cleans when you cant use harsh chemicals. Simply wet thoroughly, gently squeeze out excess moisture, and rub out stains. Rinse with water to remove dirt and debris. Squeeze dry to store. 4.3 L x 2.7 W x 1.5 H. Note: May cause dulling of painted or glossy surface. Test in inconspicuous area before applying to entire surface. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or swallow.